One of the things I love to do the most is bring people together and network. In 2017, I created The Bloom Community, a group specifically created for working women of all facets. Whether you are a business owner, corporate employee, or work from home, this group offers something for everyone. Imagine having all the benefits of a mastermind and networking group without the limitations or fees of either.  We do not limit membership based upon industry or status, because we believe the more we grow, the stronger we are.

Our group is focused on providing value that you can implement immediately into your professional or personal life with the understanding that networking happens naturally in the right environment. Bloom is dedicated to creating a safe space to empower women to share, learn and grow together in order to live a more purpose-filled life, while simultaneously creating friendships to last a lifetime. We would love for you to join us!

For more information on how to join Bloom or finding an event near you, click here.