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Embracing Change



Do you ever have things go differently than you planned? I do. All the time. Changes, especially unexpected ones, can be scary and sometimes stressful, am I right? But what if you could learn to embrace those changes as opportunities? What if instead of panic, change brought excitement?

Over the past year, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs and unexpected challenges. My faith and sanity were both stretched further than ever before and I was convinced, at times, I had actually lost both.

The truth is, I like to be in control. Not because I fear the responsibility (or blame) if things go wrong, or because I want the credit when it goes right. I just don’t like uncertainty. And I don’t like to be scared. And when I don’t know what’s going to happen, that scares me. A lot. And I’m guessing it scares some of you too.

We often convince ourselves that it is better to settle for certainty than take any chances where we can’t guarantee the outcome. After all, something awful could happen, right? Sure!

Or… something amazing, but we often forget about that part.

Unexpected changes can bring opportunities for growth and discovery of things we would never have found had we just kept doing what we were doing. Whether or not we recognize those opportunities, however, will all depend on our perspectives and our attitudes.

So how do we learn to embrace change? How do we stop letting uncertainty and change control us or paralyze us from moving forward? We stop focusing on the changes themselves, which are merely circumstances, and we choose to focus on our mindsets and reactions. We let go of our need to react and instead, choose to respond. We set our emotions and fears aside, and we look for the opportunities to learn. And we keep moving.

Two people are caught off guard with pouring rain. One is scared and upset because her rain boots are too full and heavy to move, her clothes are getting wet, her hair is falling down and now she is cold. The other takes off his boots so he can move more freely and plays in the rain, laughing hysterically and splashing wildly as he fondly recalls childhood memories. Same rain. Different perspective. Which one will you be like?






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