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3 Tips for Reaching Your Goals in Spite of Deception


We do it all the time. We think of some major, fantabulous goal we want to reach in record time and we get excited. We start to imagine what it will be like when we hit our goal and we hit the gate running, or we go “all in” as we like to call it. We have a ton of energy, excitement and optimism…. for a bit and then all of a sudden…

Deception hits.

We miss a step. We stumble. We forget a turn. We slow down. We turn around. We grow tired. We begin to doubt. Things aren’t going the way we thought they would. Things are going slower than we wanted. We lose sight of our goal. We begin to question our abilities. We start saying things under our breath like “Can I even do this? Is this even possible? What was I thinking?!?..”

It’s important to recognize deception for what it is, a lack of confidence caused by uncertainty. When we are not 100% certain of our abilities or the outcome ahead we tend to falter or hesitate. If you’ve ever felt this way, good news! That means you’re HUMAN 🙂

So how do you push past this? How do you keep moving forward even when doubt sets in?

Well, the first tip begins with your initial goal. While it’s important to have a big-picture goal, it’s equally if not more so important that you break that larger goal into smaller goals or milestones. Determine specific tasks that you want to achieve and a reasonable timeline so that when you complete those items it will feel like a win and you know that they are taking you closer to your end goal. This will help to keep you motivated.

The second tip is to recognize deception for what it is and to EXPECT it. It’s a natural instinct to be uncomfortable when we experience uncertainty. When this happens, try not to get discouraged but rather celebrate this knowing that change only happens when we do something we haven’t done before and the fact you are uncomfortable means change is coming!

Lastly, find an accountability partner. Let them know your goal and ask them to check in with you consistently to help you stay focused. Find someone who is positive and willing to celebrate your small wins with you. If this person is someone who tends to “keep things real” and struggles with their own motivation, find someone else.

Now go ahead. Set some major, fantabulous goals. Break them down into smaller, awesome goals. Find a friend to cheer you on. Expect deception. Recognize it when it comes. Get excited because this means change is coming. Keep moving. Complete smaller goals. Celebrate with friend. Reach fantabulous goal. Smile because you knew you could do it all along 🙂

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