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10 Things You Should Know about Working from Home



Ahhhh. Working from home. For many, this sounds like the ideal arrangement – flexible schedules, relaxed attire, no commute. With the exception of maybe winning the lottery or not working at all, it’s hard to imagine anything better, right? Well, don’t give up that office just yet. There’s a few things you might want to consider first:

  1. The reason we are still in our pajamas at dinner isn’t because we like how we look. It’s because it didn’t make sense to change until we showered… and that hasn’t happened yet…this week.
  2. When you go to an office you have 8 hours to work on work. When you work from home you are supposed to get 8 hours of work done in 6 hours between carpool AND the laundry, dishes, mopping, workout, grocery shopping, Facebook and supposedly take a shower too…
  3. Your work stares at you from the minute you wake up until you go to sleep. In fact, it might even light up your face while you sleep. Stupid email.. of course it’s your fault I’m responding to this super-not-urgent-email at 2am to get a jumpstart on tomorrow.
  4. You’re going to make 25 home made cupcakes for your son’s birthday, right? Since you work from home, clearly you have some extra time to browse Pinterest for 3 days to find the perfect ones…
  5. What’s that? You’re all going to bed? That sounds amazing! I’m just going to work for like 4 more hours while you all sleep because I ran out of time today… I was too busy searching for cupcakes on Pinterest
  6. The dog is barking. Again. Ugh. Guess I should take it for a walk… better add that to my list from #2. Stupid dog. Why can’t it walk itself?
  7. Pick kids up from school and then start the raid-the-pantry game, followed by homework battles, school paperwork for days, dinner prep and sports practice… oh good, looks like everyone needs to get ahold of me right at this very moment. Since I work from home, obviously I should be there to answer. Clearly these people do not have kids – or maybe they are still sitting in a quiet office?
  8. Speaking of dinner. What the freak am I going to make for dinner? I just realized I haven’t had breakfast or lunch yet. Crap.
  9. It’s so nice outside. I think I’ll open the windows. Gosh, these windows need to be cleaned. Oh great, we’re out of window cleaner. I’ll have to run to the store. Better finish my shopping list. And grab my coupons. That reminds me, what do I need to make those cupcakes again…?
  10. Dinner. I still forgot dinner. I wonder if they will notice if we skipped it tonight….

All jokes aside, despite my personal dinner and shower struggles, the perks of working from home far outweigh any cons I could list.

Perks like:

  • Being able to eat lunch with your child whenever you feel like it
  • Not having to dress up in a business suite when it’s 20 degrees outside
  • Being able to run errands not during the rush of a weekend
  • Being able to cuddle with your sick child without be threatened for taking the day off
  • Not spending two hours stuck in the car for a slow-moving commute
  • Not having to put makeup on, unless you feel like it
  • Being able to throw in a load of laundry while you’re on a conference call
  • Picking your kids up from carpool
  • Starting dinner at a reasonable time

Working from home takes dedication and focus, there is no denying it. The key to a successful transition is understanding that the line between work/life balance will be blurred for awhile. It will take time for you and your family to adjust. You will need to set a schedule and follow it. You will need to limit distractions. You won’t get it all done, and you need to be okay with that. If you’re up for the challenge, it’s worth every minute.

For those of you that already work from home, would you agree?




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